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Ac97 Sound Blaster Emulation Dos


Both DOSUSB and DOSSOUND are free for personal use, OTOH next version of DOSUSB possibly won't, because the author is frustrated too: about companies using DOSUSB but not paying an "unknown Unfortunately my bios only offers “Auto” or “Disabled”. that's freaky! Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Google Sign in with Microsoft Sign in with LinkedIn Sign Up All have a peek here

Jesus guys, you should be thankful it works AT ALL. Post a reply 15 posts • Page 1 of 1 Reply with quote VIA AC97 DOS Drivers? We'll see how it goes from there. by chuzzlewit » 2005-10-25 @ 00:28 I'll try this tomorrow and if it works I will have your baby chuzzlewit Newbie Posts: 5Joined: 2005-1-05 @ 16:20 Top Reply with quote

Ac97 Sound Blaster Emulation Dos

BUT ... This would be very appreciated Other usage beyond WAV player: - DUGL sound drivers (FFK looks for contributors) - HX WINMM sound drivers > b) should i contact him, and what rr Berlin, Germany, 28.04.2009, 20:35 @ DOS386 AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > > or what? > > I'm not participating in the "get most posts irrespective usefulness" > challenge Intel i7 5960XGigabye GA-X99-Gaming 58 GB DDR4 (2100)8 GB GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming (Gigabyte) eL_PuSHeR Moderator Posts: 6431Joined: 2003-6-20 @ 16:39 Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS

  • should i care that he's charging money.
  • The new DOSferatu is Jeff Leyda (Flopper, Throttle).
  • BTW, there is a silent update, the original version had a "Does-not-work-at-all-BUG" ---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some software expect here the following string:*** This is Copyright 1983 Microsoft
  • If he is using your code then at the very least I think you deserve a credit on the software/documentation.
  • AWE64 is basically an AWE32 PNP remarketed and built cheaper (smaller boards, less parts) to make more money.
  • Me too.
  • HunterZ l33t++ Posts: 5993Joined: 2003-1-31 @ 19:04Location: Seattle Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers?
  • He wrote that he'll try to do it so maybe it'll became a reality.

ac97 driver for dos: your chipset is supported. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This SF.Net email is sponsored by the Moblin Your Move Developer's challenge Build the coolest Linux based applications will not be held responsible for users' posts. by chuzzlewit » 2005-10-24 @ 23:17 I got a new MOBO nearly a year ago and have just started wanting to fire up some of my older games. Freedos Sound Blaster Emulation I have a laptop (ibm a30) and from what I can tell, it has an AC97 chip in it.

If you have an Ethernet Daughter Card () installed, Intel PRO 100 drivers could work. Dos Sound Blaster Emulator BTW, Georg's "driver" now DOES work in DOS and "enables" multitasking. ... Allegro has dropped DJGPP support. Check This Out - Windows Repair9.

Since I never made any demands in my "license" about credits or keeping it open source, he didn't do anything to keep it that way. Dos Sound Driver Mike Member Posts: 157Joined: 2004-7-27 @ 05:48 Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites null_ 4 Removed 4 6,803 posts Posted December 13, 2007 If you've got a faster machine around the house running I think it only supported up to ICH 5, but this subject has gotten me interested in doing an update to it, and I have access to a few newer boards

Dos Sound Blaster Emulator

DOSBox? ISA non-PNP is by far the easiest, and most compatible card you can get. Ac97 Sound Blaster Emulation Dos YES. > something with it. [my code is being used in at least 2 video gambling > machines in 2 different countries] COOL ---This is a LOGITECH mouse driver, but some Virtual Sound Blaster Back to top wardrich"Some Troll"Joined: 14 Sep 2002Posts: 3936Location: Ontario Canada Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2004 10:47 pm Post subject: my K8V DLX SE board even uses AC'97...

SBPRO and down does not require ANY drivers at all to work. No thanks ---DOS gives me freedom to unlimited HW access. It wastes a lot of memory just for doing a bad job. Georg Pothaust (author of DOSUSB) started to work on an universal AC97 driver for DOS. Ms-dos Sound Blaster Driver

If so, where can I find a DOS driver for an AC'97 chipset? As > I said some drivers already exists so who wants make new he can take > mpxplay sources. They are said to have useable DOS emulation, but it doesn't work with games that refuse to run in protected mode. 5u3 Oldbie Posts: 1567Joined: 2005-9-06 @ 12:23Location: Vienna, Austria Check This Out I do have an updated version of it that supports a half dozen more ICH chips, but haven't put that one online. > "readme.txt" wrote > > > It's free, do

This driver can often be the driver needed for Multimedia Audio Controller when you expected the latest Realtek audio drivers to work on older VIA chipsets.DOS sound: This driver supports DOS Dos Generic Sound Blaster Driver I'm also quite confident that he's not making any money off it, certainly not sailing on a yaht; that was a bit of hyperbole. I get the sound, but games run slower than molasses.

Back to top RogerExperienced MemberJoined: 07 Jun 2004Posts: 68Location: Europe by the Danube Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2005 5:01 am Post subject: Add a PCI soundcard, prefferably an older one.

I'm flattered that someone is using my code in their own projects of course, but not so much flattered if he's out cruising in a new yacht because of my work... ImgBurn3. maybe the updated one will shou the "Legacy" thing. Vdmsound Ironically, DOS is often called "dead and crap and useless", yet people (id, Sierra) still sell and make money off it (and MS will still whine "in 2009!" if you download

in the past, others who have used my work contacted me. However, the VIA chipset has no Adlib, so the VIAFMTSR simulates it... I’ll keep looking for a separate PCI soundcard with DOS drivers (although such a beast may not exist, if it does it should cost me virtually nothing!). Khusraw Bucharest, Romania, 28.04.2009, 01:16 @ RayeR AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > But SB was standard and there are thousands of existing apps so I'd rather > like to

But how do you give some to one person without making someone else jealous (or infuriating someone who already gave away their work for free)?? Rugxulo Usono, 12.12.2009, 23:04 @ rr AC97 sound driver for DOSPost reply > > I doubt that DOSSOUND generates any spectacular or even "sufficient" > > profit, some people simply think I've recently noticed (purely by chance) a similar unintentional omission, I let the person concerned know and they are now aware and are fixing it. The full filename is so..) The info seems relevant regarding the 'viewcount' (875 now).

The patches are only for the djgpp > versions, but this one should work with any os anyway. > allegro-4.2.2.tar.bz2 DOSferatu minneapolis, mn usa, 11.12.2009, 20:17 @ Rugxulo AC97 sound driver The problem is that most coders charge ridiculous amounts! Yes, I think, my work should be paid by my employer. Free forum by Nabble Edit this page Skip to content Advanced search Board index ‹ The Guide ‹ DOS Change font size FAQ Register Login VIA AC97 DOS Drivers?

He may have overlooked it, e.g. by swaaye » 2005-10-28 @ 19:21 DosFreak wrote:Define "decent". Good specs u got. If we have nothing better to do we can continue to write SB code, run it in emulator/VM and be happy.

HunterZ l33t++ Posts: 5993Joined: 2003-1-31 @ 19:04Location: Seattle Top Reply with quote Re: VIA AC97 DOS Drivers?