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School Bus License Game


Play School Bus Driver and put the cool back in school! Play Mobile Games here on . Your task is to follow green arrows and get out of city on your school.. Long Bus Driver 2 Take the bus to the destination indicated on the map and follow the correct route to get there.

Long Bus Driver Long Bus Driver player has to skilfully maneuver the bus and park it in the appropriate place. Enjoy! Control: Use the arrow keys and space bar to play. If you are a person that likes that stuff then I recommend it for you, but I don't like it at all!

School Bus License Game

bexx oublhaj I like the game but there is only 2 options of roads. Double Decker bus is messed up in parts. Avoid bumping .. Your Instructor is very strict - one wrong move, and he gives you a big X on your test score.

If you fail a Level, he holds up a big red X, and you have the option of starting again, or selecting another Level. Bus Madness One has to drive past and beat other bus drivers to secure the first position. More To Play - Bus Parking And School Bus Racing! School Bus Parking Games Fix My Bus Discover a mechanical engineer in yourself!

Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install The summer holidays are finally over and you’re preparing to get back to work. Follow all of the traffic regulations, stop when traffic lights are red and avoid hitting other cars on the road! Full Review February 12, 2017 It is nice but not excellent because it has no level and my daughter disliked this game her name is yashika Full Review March 18, 2017 Monster Bus Rampage Grab a wheel of pimped up school bus for a ride over crowded city, and surmount the incoming obstacles easily...

Drive them around and stop at the stop signs. School Bus Driver Game 2 If you are going to tell your best friends, thank you in advance! Other than that, I loved it. You are the shuttle bus..

School Bus Driving Games Free Download

Not only does one need to maneuver through the obstacle course, be it the traffic, or turnings, but every level has two goal points. Your browser window width is too small or your screen resolution is too low for this game to load here. School Bus License Game Have you got what it takes to become an active school bus driver – or are you destined to be a passive passenger forever? School Bus Games Unblocked Avoid crashing into anything!

School Bus License School bus license takes you through a series of bus driving test. If you successfully complete a Level within the allotted time (indicated in the top left corner), the Instructor holds up a large green check mark. Some helpful links to share include Top 100 Games, Top New Games & Latest Games. If you are a person that likes that stuff then I recommend it for you, but I don't like it at all! School Bus Games 3d

Visit the Car Games section for more Car Games! ▲ Less Game Tags: school bus driver game, car games, online car games, play car games, free car games, car games to Yo.. The space bar usually brakes the bus to a halt. Another factor is of course, navigating through the course without colliding with anything.

Second is the final stop in front of the school. Bus Driving Games Online Megabus Megaride Collect as much hats as you can. Fix My Bus Discover a mechanical engineer in yourself!

This is no mean feat - as a strict Instructor is marking your every move, and the clock is ticking.

In case of any query, feedback or suggestion please use the Comments section below. The first lesson is a simple drive and park. A good control allows to swiftly navigating the bus. School Bus Pickup And Drop Off Games Knight Bus Driving Drive the purple bus through the streets of London and pick up wizards and witches just like in the Harry Pott..

You & your playing friends help to make this game site possible! Need more levels and also bus needs move faster I think Gee Bee BORING! Jet bus takes us to distant future where people need transportation too. navigate here Full Review bexx oublhaj April 5, 2017 I like the game but there is only 2 options of roads.

I cant tell the difference in difficulty between level 1 and level 5. Why Gamers Love Tractor Mania So Much? Speed Bus Chase the terrorist riding on the 5 black cars and destroy them while maintaining your pace at the same time. .. Each Level has a written description of it on the main Level Selection screen.

Thank you this team's producer and the other one. You’ll need a steady hand, and precise driving ability to succeed here. Help you f.. In case of any query, feedback or suggestion please use the Comments section below.

All Rights Reserved. Apps: Our Other Sites GangOfGamers Chimpoo Popular Naughty Romance Dress Up Cricket Car Funny More ▼ Kissing Boys Naughty City Arcade Make Up Tycoon Escape Indian Naughty You have an overhead view of the action. Keep trying, since there are plenty of options for you to choose from until you pick out a school bus game which will prove to be the best game of your City or countryside and when you have completed them it restarts all over again.

Spot the marked space and drive the bus to park over it. Share your School Bus Driver tips and tricks! You might not find your favorite bus game instantly. Add to Wishlist Adding...

Wa.. This in turn ensures faster level completion. Latest From Bus Driving - Perfect Your Driving Skills! Steer the school bus carefully, rush past the traffic and don’t be late!

More Bus Racing Games More bus racing games playable here! Park It 3D: Airport Bus Airport is bussy as always, you job is to make transfers across different landing strips and transport people .. School Bus Racing Drive the bus through 10 increasingly challenging courses and emerge the King of the game.