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Compaq C500 Laptop


Unfortunately, the 1200-XL106 falls into this "flakey" category, at least through kernel 2.3.47. For simplicity's sake, I used only two logical partitions for Linux: one for swap and one for everything else. The rebate and the 1200-XL106's better features nudged me into buying it. After spending some time using the Toshibas' Trackpoint pointing devices and the Compaq's keyboard, though, I decided I preferred the touchpad pointing device used on the other manufacturers' machines and the have a peek here

My solution is ugly but effective. In theory, the machine should use the UHCI drivers. There's little on that page about notebook-specific features, though.) The 1200-XL106 came with two partitions: A ~4.5GB C: drive for Windows 98 2nd Edition and a ~1GB D: partition with data I was able to achieve a respectable 50Kbps connection, and got appropriate actual download speeds when I checked. check here

Compaq C500 Laptop

The documentation indicates that work is ongoing to improve the features of the driver, so future versions will support full 16-bit sound. The default KPPP volume-setting commands confused the Lucent modem software, though, so I removed them and it worked fine. The ALSA Project released a new set of drivers on March 11 (version 0.5.6) that includes a driver for the VIA 82c686a.

  • This machine is fairly low-end by the standards of notebook computers in February, 2000, when I bought it, although it has a few components that are very recent and therefore require
  • Basically, it continues to work if there's no PCMCIA card inserted in the computer.
  • Personally, I don't have a lot of need for the modem, so I'm content to use the 2.3.x kernel (for better sound support) and reboot to 2.2.14 if I should need
  • I don't even know if appropriate DOS drivers exist for the MVP-4.
  • Its basic specifications include: AMD K6-2 475MHz CPU VIA MVP-4 chipset, which includes integrated: Trident Blade3D AGP video controller VIA 82cxxx PCI sound chipset 32MB of RAM, expandable to 160MB via
  • The Mandrake installer booted from the CD-ROM drive without problems, entered GUI mode, and installed smoothly.
  • When I was finished with Partition Magic, I put the Mandrake CD in the CD-ROM drive and rebooted.

I would ordinarily have bought the 1247, because it cost $200 less than the 1200-XL106 and I didn't think it was worth quite that much more. For some reason, however, I wasn't able to use my preferred PPP dialer, X-ISP, with the Lucent modem. The sound, on the other hand, presents the need for compromises under Linux, and the modem and USB ports also present challenges. Compaq Presario C500 Price This works fine when running the 2.2.14 kernel, but if I hit this key when running 2.2.4x, it's more complex.

There's a third-party project to develop an open source driver for the Lucent modem, but I've not tried the code. Compaq Presario C500 Specs As of yet, I've had no problems with the computer's video display, aside from having to experiment a bit with the configuration to get it working, as already noted. Expanding the RAM to 96MB also helped, even when running KDE. you could check here Apparently the install had failed to detect the video chipset correctly, and so gave me plain VGA mode.

This product fits into the computer's PCMCIA slot and uses an external RJ45 connector that links to the Ethernet adapter via a short cable. Compaq Presario C500 Wifi Driver When I tried using a 2.2.14 kernel with ALSA and a back port of USB, though, I had to go to to get the full set of PCMCIA drivers for Drivers Some of the 1200-XL106's hardware is fairly bleeding-edge stuff, at least insofar as Linux drivers are concerned. When I rebooted after installing Linux, the system booted without problems into a text-mode display.

Compaq Presario C500 Specs

This is, by far, the best sound support available for this notebook. The driver also produces increasingly choppy sound when playing long sound files, but it's OK for short files. Compaq C500 Laptop I immediately tried this driver with a 2.2.14 kernel that I'd patched for USB support (see below). Compaq Presario C500 Drivers Windows 7 Compaq chose to go with a Lucent modem, which has certain advantages, because a beta version of a binary-only driver written by Lucent is available from

This one still uses SoundBlaster 8-bit mode, but it at least supports the AC'97 mixer, and so works without having to boot Windows first. navigate here Modem Like most notebooks today, the 1200-XL106 comes with a software modem. I've taken to using a 2.2.14 kernel with the backport of USB support available from If you're considering one, then, this web page may be of interest; but be sure that the model you're considering is similar internally, based on the motherboard chipset, which in this Compaq Presario C500 Drivers For Xp Free Download

I first tried using xf86config to correct the problem, but the XF86Config file it produced was unusable. If a PCMCIA card is inserted, though, then the system doesn't wake up properly. Chances are Linux issues would be similar for any of these models. When I tried, the dialer reported that PPP exited abnormally.

My choice of the 1200-XL106 over the 1247 was as much a matter of chance as anything else; the local Circuit City was running a $100 rebate special on all notebooks, Compaq Presario C500 Windows 10 Linux Installation I chose to install Linux Mandrake 7.0 on the computer, primarily because I knew from others' posts that the Trident Blade3D graphics chip was only supported in XFree86 3.3.4 When run with the original 32MB of RAM and Mandrake's default KDE setup, the 1200-XL106 is decidedly sluggish. (4MB of the computer's 32MB of RAM are dedicated to video support, so

I opted to install LILO in the hard disk's MBR.

I corrected the problem by running the XFdrake program, which includes the ability to test display modes during the configuration. What's worse, the driver supposedly works with SoundBlaster-style mixer applications, but in practice these don't work. Although 4Front responded to my first query relating to installation problems, they've been unresponsive to my query about their module hanging the system when starting. Compaq Presario C500 Ram I haven't gotten native ALSA MIDI functioning, but TiMidity works quite nicely with it. > Forums > Linux Forums > Linux - Newbie need help install wifi drivers on my compaq presario v6000 using openSUSE 10.3 User Name Remember Me? One caveat is that when I first tried this driver, it hung the computer. Perhaps using a DOS boot partition along with an appropriate DOS mixer application and an automatic call to LOADLIN.EXE to boot Linux would get around this problem, but I've not looked this contact form There are several other machines in the Compaq Presario 1200 line, including the 1247 and several with model names of the form 1200-XL1xx.

They differ in the standard amount of RAM, the screen size and type, the hard disk size, and so on. Sound The 2.2.14 kernel included with Mandrake 7.0 includes a sound driver called via82cxxx which works with the MVP-4 chipset. Password DriversTools Drivers Notebooks Netbook Laptops Desktop PC and Installation Home About Download Sitemap How To Search Device Driver Support Privacy Policy A-Note Drivers ABS Drivers Acer Drivers Advan Drivers Advent Unfortunately, the version included with the 2.2.14 kernel uses SoundBlaster Pro compatibility mode, so the board only supports 8-bit sounds, and sound quality leaves a lot to be desired.

The USB drivers in the 2.3.x-series kernel are far better, but still flakey on many platforms and for many devices. Installation was somewhat complicated by X configuration. The current Lucent driver doesn't work with the 2.3.x kernel series -- or at least, I can't load it even when using insmod -f because insmod reports that there are unresolved Specifically, the Compaq keyboard includes a special function key, Fn-F4, which is used to kick the system into sleep mode.