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DiSEqC? - TechnoTrend TT-budget S-1400 BDA-Treiber PCI Nein DVB-S Nein ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll Nein DiSEqC? - TechnoTrend TT-budget S-1500 BDA-Treiber PCI Nein DVB-S Nein ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll CI? Click to expand... Mit dem DVBViewer GE funktionieren im Allgemeinen die gleichen Geräte. This kind of configuration includes some restrictions on the tuning, if both devices are in use: You can only receive channels simultaneously if their polarization, frequency band and DiSEqC settings do

Paste: Inserts the commands from the internal TransEdit clipboard at the selected position. DiSEqC 1.0 funktioniert dann auch und DiSEqC 1.1 sollte auch funktionieren. Ist es also eifnach sinnlos es überhaupt zu versuchen, oder könnte es auch funktioneren?   Naja wie auch immer, auf jeden Fall wäre es nett, wenn mit jemand zum Testen sagen In this case DVBViewer and TransEdit cannot support cascaded switches (DiSEqC 1.1) or a positioner (DiSEqC 1.2).

Select a root folder in the channel list. Das sollte man nur machen, wenn man sich mit der Media Wiki Syntax auskennt. [Bearbeiten] Funktionstest vor dem DVBViewer Kauf - Demo Ob eine Karte mit dem DVBViewer funktioniert, kann mit Then click „Edit“ to open the DiSEqC Editor. So the motor should stop automatically after at most 3 seconds, even if it does not receive the Halt Command.

A delay may be necessary in case of cascaded DiSEqC elements. Hints for DVBViewer Pro: Go to the Channel Editor. Pay-TV subscriptions: If more than one DVB device is available, it often happens that only one of these can receive encrypted channels. This fixes some MS bugs with Vista 64 Bit („Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse FFFFFFFF“).

Dabei ist zu beachten, dass pro CI/CAM/Smartcard nur ein Sender entschlüsselt werden kann. Der Treiber gaukelt dann dem MCE/WMC System eine DVB-S Hardware vor. Karten, für die es BDA Treiber gibt, sollten mit dem DVBViewer funktionieren. If a device does not allow to fulfill the EN 50494 specifications properly, TransEdit displays a warning before opening the configuration dialog.

Die Dateien lassen sich meist im DVBViewer Setup mit installieren. ffdshow just crashes with BBC HD. At the moment it is mainly used for HDTV channels. Others originate from Windows or the BDA driver installation.

If you get DVBViewer picking up pictures go to the DirectX section of DVBViewer and chose the H264 codec as CoreAVC.Click to expand... Accept packets with Error_Indicator: The header of TS data packets contains a bit that is set in case of uncorrectable errors, e.g. If „Steps“ is non-zero, clicking the buttons lets the motor make the according number of steps (provided the positioner unit supports it), thus allowing to „nudge“ the motor in the desired You certainly don't need to buy their separate decoders, those are for MPEG2 (DVD and US broadcast HD).

Thanks I just got a reply to my email with username and password. The two buttons at the bottom perform the following actions: Save: Saves changed settings to the file TransEdit.ini, so that they are restored next time when TransEdit is is launched. What is the name or version number of the MBAFF compatible PowerDVD driver? Then you will assign for all the channels of one satellite the Group A and for the channels of the other satellite the Group B.

The withdrawn one that works (ie handles mbaff with hardware acceleration) is version Most of the instructions given here apply to it. I'd suggest you try it in stages and post back when you get a problem that you've tried to solve. However, there might be channels that are transmitting the data more slowly, or other conditions prevent TransEdit from reading the tables in time.

Wenn irgendwie möglich, sollten immer die Standard BDA Treiber zum Betrieb des DVBViewers genutzt werden. Wanted: Idiots guide to DVB-T, HD, DVBviewer, CoreAVC, BDA drivers etc,etc... Select the required DiSEqC setting in the DiSEqC Drop-down List.

If this checkbox is ticked, the faulty packets are passed on to the Analyzer's PID list, the Hex Dump window and the recorder.

If the „Steps“ value is zero, the motor moves continuously until you release the button, letting the Console send a Halt Command. Hints for DVBViewer GE: DVBViewer GE does not provide a Positioner Console, but allows to enter or change the latitude and longitude in the DVB Network Properties, if DiSEqC is set Switch: A switch usually selects one out of two or more LNBs and connects it to your DVB-S device. DiSEqC 1.0 funktioniert dann auch. 1.2 bedeutet, die Karte wurde erfolgreich mit DiSEqC 1.2 getestet.

Note: If "Has CI" is disabled, the DVBViewer knows that no encrypted channel can be received with the device, therefore it is unnecessary to create an extra group mapping for the LNB power off on release (satellite only): This option is only available for DVB-S devices that allow to switch the LNB power off by software. Nothing at all for BBC HD. if a command selects Input 1 of an Uncommitted Switch (see below), and this input is connected to a Committed Switch, the second switch will probably need some time to power

DiSEqC? This reduces the power consumption of the dvb-device and helps if you are sharing one SAT-cable. Ich benutze die Technisat Sky Star S2 und den DVBViewer 5.3.2 . Maybe someone's already done this, in which case PLEASE give me a url.....

By using this option you can prevent DVBViewer from collecting and displaying needless EPG data. The VMR9 is installed with DirectX 9 or later versions. TransEdit and DVBViewer update these bits in the „Committed {Updated}“ command according to the transponder and send the command each time when the polarization or frequency band changes. Under XP it uses overlay mode, if possible.

Nein - AstroMeta [AstroMeta DVB-T/T2/C/FM/DAB-Stick] BDA Treiber USB 2.0 DVB-T/T2 Nein DVB-C Nein Nein Nein Hybrid, Umschaltung DVB-T>

DiSEqC? As a result, DVBViewer will not show them in the „What's Now“ and „Timeline“ EPG. TransEdit needs a correct designation in order to select the appropriate device. Additionally TransEdit adds the filter graph to the Running Objects Table (ROT) of Windows, enabling to examine it with GraphEdit („Connect To Remote Graph“).

It replaces a Microsoft BDA component (Network Provider) by a built-in TransEdit component, that works faster, uses less resources and avoids having to deal with bugs of the MS version. It can only be activated if at least two DVB-S devices (or a dual-DVB-S) are present. They contain the „long“ EPG descriptions. Additionally DVBViewer needs to know the latitude and longitude of your site for calculating the „Angular Position“ command.

Dies lässt sich im DVBViewer in Verbindung mit jeder Karte nutzen. So the first command of an according DiSEqC sequence will usually select the input of the Uncommitted Switch (one out of 16), and – after a delay – the second command TS Analyzer: This part gives a deep insight in what is broadcasted on a DVB transponder. Stop stream while tuning: Lets TransEdit stop the received stream while tuning a transponder.